Shoequest! Acient Knowledge of Huarache making!

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Wirraritari – indigenous people of Mexico!

To finally set off to Mexico proved already fatal and challenging.  A year of physical and mental preparation, overcoming all kinds of emotions and fear, then a four month standstill due to health problems until I could set a foot in this vibrant country. Mexico connects North America with the South, and therefore has been a key trading bridge throughout centuries. For a short time Maximilian of Habsburg ruled the country. As it was back then, Mexico appears to be creation itself. Life is pulsating with chaos ever present. This country worships death, has a completely different connection with it, as it lurks around every street corner. The burst of colours and richness makes one think of paradise. The sun, the ocean, the pyramids and history, generate an energizing power for all living beings. When one arrives, the scent in the air already carries  this information about Mexico’s character within. I venture on this undertaking. Weekly stomachaches I have got used to, yet the spirit of the people needs yet to be understood.

From the heart, I feel strongly driven to do everything within my power to support the spiritual path of a Marakame, to connect with the people, meet the eldest and learn the ancient craft of traditional footwear making. The Huaraches, a skill originating in the people of the Huichol. Only earth roads lead to the remote mountain village for this reason we are spreading the word and inviting you to take part and support this unique quest.

 Together for a unique and solidary aim!


Let me share at last a moving experience with you: My friends relocation and a recent working accident have weakened him a lot. His father, who is a Marakame Wixáritari and representative of the people of Venado Azul, rushed here to heal my friend, giving him new courage and strength. A ceremony at the sea was initiated later to thank for the healing and to ask the sacred new home to receive his family benevolently. Together we met at the shore at sunset to pray and nurture the land, the sun, the sea with our gifts. This was an intimate and powerful moment of realisation and understanding. Taking also myself a step further in my journey of understanding, as I was also raised as part of a big family of brothers and sisters.

 “Your acts of kindness are iridescent wings of divine love, which linger and continue to uplift others long after your sharing.” Jalaluddin Rumi

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