Active Together

Craft Folk – Take Part

Together we are more than the sum of the individuals

All of those who stand head, heart and hand for sustainable handcraft. All pull together! Join us in making the Noah’s Ark for handcraft grow and be seen – every type of input, every contribution, is invaluable.
Be a Supporter of the Common Good

Support the development of new do-it-yourself shoe models and Open Source Knowledge

Get together B to B – Collaboration in a creative entrepreneurial culture

Benefit directly from our creative talents. Shoe Folk as the driving force behind starting new, creative cooperations.

Bring your unique talents to the table

As a volunteer or through the LETSytem. Join the Craft Community. Share your know-how with the community. Tell us about your local crafts people. Host a workshop in the Craft Folks Studio

Open Source Knowledge – Crowdfunding

Unterstütze die Entwicklung neuer Schuhmodelle. Werde zum Co-Designer.

Get in touch with us

With the help of your initiatives we can let the know-how of our ancestors become accessible for all. Together with an ever expanding repertoire of tangible handcraft knowledge is generated.

We look forward to exciting collaborations with venture-oriented enterprises and enthusiastic craft folk!