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Shoe Folk – connects

What could Shoe Folk be for me?

We are far from alone in our desire to be an active part of it all, or in our desire for simplicity. Our answer to both lies in the participative concept of our CraftWerk-workshops.

“Through Craftwerk-workshops you can get in touch with your creative talents and abilities, make original products and meet like-minded people. It’s time to rediscover the unfashionable value of craftsmanship.”

Walk new paths in your self-made shoes

What Shoe Folk offers consists of all the key elements of the value chain – raw material – production – distribution – awareness. The creative act is used as a social process. We open up new realms of thought through the learning of manual skills and passing on of traditional knowledge as tools for change. Together with you, our know-how becomes applicable in many areas.  

“Every product is a reflection of our times”
– Victor Papanek

Who can benefit from our work?

Calling all protagonists of change

Sustainable Enterprises & Pioneers of Change

Training Institutes

Exhibitions & Museums

Universities & Further Education Institutes

Anthroposophical Training Institutes

Youth Mentoring & Personal Development for Youth

Therapeutic Workers

Psychosomatic Clinics

Burn-out Prevention Clinics

Retreats & Seminar Venues

Art & Cultural Seminar Centres – summer academies

Summer Camp & Wilderness Pedagogy


Those working for women’s rights

Development Aid

Private Groups

The right shoe for every foot

Our programme can be tailored to larger groups as well as to any needs specific to your company, field of work, time frame constraints or any other requirements. In other words: the course is perfectly designed to suit any group.

Our approach

Awareness training through practical workshops.

In the creative act, one’s own actions are reflected. New ways of doing things become apparent. Ethical and ecological aspects of production become transparent and lead to a conscious use of resources and a deeper understanding of environmental issues.

Ecological effects, protection of the environment and ethics in production: Valuable material, like leftover leather cuts, are recycled/used. Also the exact methods of production help to minimise the negative effects that otherwise ruthless industrial methods can have on the environment and society.

Our reach

Our clients include the West Dean College for Arts & Craft UK, University of Agriculture and the University of Applied Arts, Vienna, Vienna International School, regional school for kindergarten pedagogy, Energy and Environment Agency of Lower Austria (eNu), Attac Austria, Wear Fair Linz, Tomorrow Festival (Global 2000, Green Peace), Modepalast Vienna, Fashion School Herbststrasse and WUK – to name but a few.

Worshop impressions on Instagram

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